Story Telling


KVD2137 is a lifestyle brand that tries to take the unique influence from each one of you and make original practical collections of daily, yet stylish, apparel and handy goods for humans with adventurer and explorer spirit.

With top selling collection "Caffeine Bastards" we aim to create a community of people that loves coffee and rides. The thought of being able to travel everywhere with a motorcycle that would consume coffee instead of fuel was awesome. So we create the Caffeine Bastards Collection with that unique motorcycle where its tank is a coffee bean.

Our apparel coming from green manufacturing sources. Made with 100% organic cotton and manufactured solely using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power.

We create our own screen printing frames and blocks for each of our designs. The colors we use are water-based. Our products are made with care and passion, non-mass produced in limited collections.

A T-shirt with a positive social, and a minimum environmental footprint. 

Our motto... Live, Travel, Explore. Never settle.

Act As One...

The KVD2137 Team